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Frank J. Sapienza, DDS

Frank J. Sapienza , a practicing dentist for nearly forty years, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The youngest of five children, he began assisting in his father’s dental office at the age of sixteen.  He quickly developed in interest in technology in the healthcare setting, writing a dental practice management software package at the age of twenty.  


Later, he published a computer tutorial for dentists, Computers in the Dental Office: How to Evaluate, Select and Get the Most Out of Your System.


Advances in technology, both in his practice and in the larger healthcare arena, continue to be his main passions. During his lengthy career, he has witnessed dramatic technological advancements in all aspects of healthcare delivery, especially in the field of genetics. The proliferation of commercial DNA testing enterprises, including those offering preservation of stem cells from extracted baby teeth, inspired an examination of the potential for abuse of this sensitive information, should the genetic databases be breached.  ​

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