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Reviews of The Greater Good

"The Greater Good is a superb novel: a classic page-turner about the brave new world of genetics. In taut and supple prose, Frank Sapienza has masterfully created a cast of vivid characters and a fast-paced plot with one diabolical twist after another. It’s medical thriller with high stakes – a doctor desperate to save his son’s life, a mysterious company with global ambitions – that keeps you absorbed in one man's personal struggles as it illuminates the social challenges we all face from DNA technology. What a literary debut!"

John Tierney, New York Times best-selling author of Willpower and The Power of Bad

"The Greater Good by Dr. Frank J. Sapienza is a suspense-filled medical thriller that will entertain those looking for a gripping and straightforward read."

Literary Titan

"The Greater Good by Dr. Frank J. Sapienza is a medical thriller must-read...The twists and turns in the flawlessly flowing plotline kept me on the edge of my seat. The author utilized suspense to great effect, and I couldn't wait to find out what happened in the subsequent chapters. He was also very effective in capturing the imagination of the reader through the vivid descriptions of events and the emotions of the well-developed characters. I also found the plot to be thought-provoking on relevant issues, such as ethics in research, especially now that technology is advancing at a terrific speed in fields such as genetics and biochemistry. I cannot wait to read something more by this talented author." 

"The plot in The Greater Good is complex and interesting...I never knew what to expect next and I was kept guessing until the very end. ...This is an excellent medical thriller that far exceeded my expectations." 

"Dr. Frank J. Sapienza's medical thriller The Greater Good puts a doctor in a position where he has to choose between his son and his profession, as the lines between family and work become blurred...The intriguing thing about this story is the way Sapienza goes to extra lengths to explain the potential consequences of every action taken by all the principal participants in this story. He pushes Jon's fractured family life to the fore, creating a flawed hero the reader will instantly fall in love with. Even when it comes to violence, the attention to detail is incredibly impressive. Sapienza's approach to crafting this riveting story shows he is an author to watch out for in the future."

Readers' Favorite 5-star reviews


Reviews of Computers in the Dental Office:

How to Evaluate, Select and Get the Most Out of Your System

"...for the practitioner who is eager to explore the 'ins and outs' of computerizing the office, this book is a heavy duty jump start"

"The best introduction to the subject I've seen."

"Whatever you read on the subject, start with this one."

Ray Malus, Director, Computer Services & Co-Chair Dental Informatics. UCLA School of Dentistry

"It should be a must for the profession."

Howard I Mark, D.M.D., Journal of the Connecticut State Dental Association

"He tries to educate, rather than sell, to the benefit of the reader." 

Massachusetts Dental Society

"Wonnerful, wonnerful" to quote the late Lawrence Welk is an understatement when it comes to describing this excellent manual. If you follow the checklist, picking the system that will work best in your office is far more likely. "

"I wish I had a copy before I computerized my office."

"Buy it, read it...boot up your new system."

Dr. Michael Beck, New York State Dental Journal

"There are other books, but this one is THE place to start if you are seriously considering a computer."

Stephen Crocker, DDS. Journal of the Michigan Dental Association

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