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The Greater Good  Now Available 



Desperate to find a cure for his son, a doctor rationalizes his contributions to a database of hacked, black market genetic information, using DNA samples from his unknowing patients, only to discover he’s involved in something far more sinister.

Jonathan Morrison, ER physician, saves his son’s life with a kitchen knife tracheotomy and finally realizes he has been in denial about the true cause of his son’s worsening symptoms.


When he is contacted by Advanced Genomic Research, their promise of creating a revolutionary new treatment for his son and others seems too good to be true. And there is a catch. Jonathan must join AGR’s growing army of collaborators and take covert DNA samples of patients to build the massive genetic database that could lead to these breakthroughs.


Convinced this ethical lapse is justified, he begins procuring samples, but stumbles upon a disturbing pattern. He begins to unravel AGR’s dark, true agenda and soon realizes that, if he doesn’t stop them, countless targets will be at risk and everyone he loves will die.


In the fashion of Robin Cook, The Greater Good examines the potential for nefarious use of genetic information, and the many ways such practices could destroy lives and compromise our freedoms. It also explores the increasingly complex issue of prenatal testing as it relates to abortion.


As a healthcare provider, I have witnessed the infiltration of genetic technology into most aspects of medicine. With the explosion of at-home commercial genetic testing, and the lack of security standards for these genetic databases, there is significant risk of these data being compromised.




My current work in progress is Metronome, an adult medical thriller with paranormal elements. Best described as The Green Mile meets Awakenings.
Finally free from his past mistakes, a doctor discovers a plan to turn his autistic savant patients into the ultimate soldiers.

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